We Give You Control Over Your Records

Security and control are closely related within records management, and it is easy to have issues that revolve around security be considered control, and vice versa. With regards to your records, control is more than just making sure your records are secure. Control means knowing your records are being managed.

The feeling of "not being in control" is one of the worst feelings there is for many people. With control comes management, with management comes stability. Control of your records is about peace of mind. Having your records with Records Management Services provide the following to allow you peace of mind:

  • Computerized inventory of your inactive records
  • Desktop delivery of records that you request
  • Your records are just a phone call away
  • Sensitive data is away from prying eyes
  • Your records are in a secure facility
  • Your records are off-site and not in the way or taking up valuable space
  • Your records are bar code labeled, scanned, and recorded into our system.

Studies have shown that managers spend an average of 4 weeks per year searching for or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked or "lost information. In addition, without a managed program, important documents are sometimes inadvertently discarded or removed

With Records Management Services, your inactive records are managed, giving you control over your records that you simply do not have if your records are stored at your location or in a storage unit. With Records Management Services, you get peace of mind.

** "Why Records Management" from Professional Records & Information Services Management (PRISMS) International, a not-for-profit trace association providing education, networking, and advocacy services to their members and the business public.

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