Records Storage Boxes

There are many types of records storage boxes available. We ask that you use only records boxes when sending items to our records center. The storage shelves we use are specifically designed and installed to maximize the use of our space. This allows us to minimize your records storage rate. Our storage racks can store the sizes shown below, with a minimum of wasted space.

Box Code Box Description Box Size
05 Letter/Legal carton -- with removable lid -- Your Best Value 12" w x 16" L x 10" H approx.
10 Check/Statement Boxes 6"W x 16"L x 8"H approx.
25 Letter Size Transfer Box 12"W x 24" L x 10" H approx.
30 Legal Size Transfer Box 15"W x 24"L x 10"H approx.


Records Management Services records boxes are designed to be easy to put together and to be durable. Called the "miracle box", the boxes themselves take seconds to assemble, rather than the minutes other boxes require to figure out what Tab A is and where it goes into Slot 3. In addition, they are made to last. If you purchase your box from us and it is stored in our warehouse, we guarantee the box. If it is ever damaged or becomes crushed, we will replace the box at no charge.

Our boxes come in cases of 12, with a case containing 12 boxes and 12 lids. The cost for our box is $4.00 per box, or $48 per case of 12.

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