About Records Management Services

Records Management Services is a division of Best Business Systems, a business forms, printing and promotional product company located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Established in 1984 by Paul Keith, Best Business Systems was found with a singular goal in mind: create satisfied customers. Providing a quality product was a given. Providing competitive pricing was another given. What Best Business Systems set out to do was create an atmosphere of service. When a person did business with us and did business with a competitor of ours, we wanted that customer to notice the difference in the level of service provided.

As part of this, Best Business Systems has always been aggressive in find new ways to provide services to our customers. Very early on, we had the request from a customer to provide them with a storage solution for their inactive records. BBS was already providing this customer with a warehousing solution, so records management seemed to be a natural extension of that service.

Over the years, the records management portion of Best Business Systems has continued to grow. Around 1995, we built a significant expansion to our warehouse designed to specifically accommodate records management. As part of that expansion, Best Business Systems builds the area's only commercial media vault, designed to store backup tapes in temperature and humidity controlled environment. After 20 years of developing our records management programs as part of Best Business Systems, the decision was made in July of 2005 to separate out these services into a separate division to be called Records Management Services, with the goal of having this division entirely separate by the end of 2005.

Records Management Services is a member of PRISM International, a trade organization for commercial records centers from around the world. Membership in this organization allows us to stay current on the latest news, information, and trends in our industry.

Records Management Services

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