Record Storage Program Pricing

Mini Records Program
Our Mini Records Program is specifically designed for smaller businesses. For just $35 per month, you can store up to 70 boxes of any size in our center. In addition, you are allowed a Letter/Legal storage box in our vault. Use it to store your computer tapes, insurance papers, and other valuables that must be protected. You gain security, management, and control.

Program Pricing
Records Management programs vary from customer to customer based upon size and needs. With programs starting as low as $35/month, Records Management Services has a solution for customers of any size!

Records Management Services offers a free of charge, no obligation survey of your records needs by our archival specialist. Just give us a call at 270.843.2318 or email Jennifer Robinson to set up an appointment today.

Our Records Survey is designed to first identify how you are currently handling your records, then to specify how we believe we can improve upon your current program. The improvement could take the form of cost savings, improved security, accurate reporting, improved handling, quicker turnaround time, improved storage containers, or any combination of improvements that Records Management Services might be able to offer your company or organization. Whether you store your records in your warehouse, a room in your offices, or a self-storage unit, Records Management Services can help you improve your management of those records.

Upon completion of our survey of your needs, we will present you with a complete proposal to cover your records management needs, including all costs that will be associated with moving your records management to Records Management Services.


Records Management Services

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