Why Records Management

Typically, records management is for inactive records, which by very definition are records that are no longer being accessed frequently, if at all. This makes it easy to put those records in a deep, dark corner of your facility or a storage unit never to be thought of again. But it is not that simple. The records have to be kept, or you would simply throw them out. The question is where they are kept.


There are several factors that play key roles in determining your particular records management needs. Click one of the links below to learn more:







Records Center

We are very proud of our state-of-the-art Records Center. A short visit to our facility will answer many of the questions people typically have when considering our records management solution. Click here to read more.

Virtual Tour

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. In these virtual tours, you will have access to many pictures of our facility and our processes. Click here to view more.


While some of your records may require permanent storage, most will have a retention schedule that would allow for expired records to be destroyed. Click here to read more.


Records Management programs vary from customer to customer based upon size and needs. With programs starting as low as $35 per month, Records Management Services has a solutions for customers of any size! Click here to read more.


There are many types of records storage boxes available. Click here to learn about the different shapes and sizes.

About Us

Learn more about Records Management Services: where we are located, who we are, our history, etc. Click here to learn more.


Below are images that show what self-management of records can look like. These images actually show "good" examples of people who choose self-storage and self-inventories of records boxes over using Records Management Services. Does this look like your boxes, your solution?


Once you have chosen Records Management Services, you will find a vast difference in how your boxes are stored and managed.